Antarctica, a plastic car & The Good Guyz?

What do Antarctica, a plastic car and The Good Guyz have in common? They were all in Het Scheepvaartmuseum on a beautiful exhibition day in March… However, some stories are better told by the people who went through the experience. So, instead we made some pretty cool pictures for you. And hope you check the link below for the whole Arctic adventure told by the real voyagers.

The Solar Voyager is a car

The story begins with a Dutch couple that decides to travel to Antarctica, in a recycled plastic car called The Solar Voyager. They drove 2400 kilometres through ice cold snowy landscapes, to make a bold but important statement; ‘Be the sustainable change’.

A passionate mission

So, what does this have to do with The Good Guyz? First of all, we love to collaborate with voyagers on a passionate mission. But there is more. The Solar Voyager was partly built by worldwide company Teijin. The exhibition The Good Guyz produced for our client Kitchen and Co. was commissioned by Teijin, in Het Scheepvaartmuseum.

An impressive exhibition

It was a dynamic collaboration of sustainable-minded entrepreneurs. The Good Guyz took care of the technical production of this fascinating and impressive event.

Check out the whole adventure and story on Clean 2 Antarctica (In Dutch)

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