What does it take to produce a high-level stunt? We found out from a professional stunt team. In a collaboration with Stunt team De Beukelaer and Booking.com we produced an unforgettable day of kicks, thrills and a few explosions. We took experience marketing to the next level. And also interviewed Marco Maas, owner of Stunt team De Beukelaer, about teamwork and scary situations.

Needless to say, we’re very enthusiastic about having worked with De Beukelaer, because well, they’re a stunt team hello. These guys are seriously cool. It was also kinda crazy to find out that stunt teams work in very much the same way as an event production team. Teamwork, safety and flexibility are paramount within a production where accidents can be just around the corner. ‘I NEVER WENT TO THE BAR’

What does it take to be a high-level professional in this industry?

“My first film in 1994 was as a stunt double for Rob Lowe. A pretty big name in those days. My first performances made an impression in the industry. I was on time, I was enthusiastic and eager. Most importantly, I was tireless and fit. Never went to the bar in the evenings and made work days of 12 hours, no problem. It took a lot of discipline. However, you need a few specific skills too. To be an all-round performer you must be able to dive, rig, do martial arts, climb some heights, maybe horse riding and off course, acting.” ‘SPILT SECOND DECICIONS’

How does a stunt team function well?

“The strength of our team is that we unconditionally help each other. Some stunts are very dangerous. Fully burning cars or cars in the water sinking with somebody behind the wheel. You really need to trust each other to be responsible. As an actor, you also need to have the brains to translate what the director says into physical timings within the boundaries of safety. For example, if you’re driving in a choreography with 5 cars and the director loves it but wants everything to go 20 km per hour faster, you really need to be able to make spilt second decisions as a team.” PS The video production The Good Guyz set up for Booking.com didn’t include sinking cars. But it did have explosions and a lot of adventure. Have a look at the result here:

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