So many cool events, it’s hard to decide which ones where the highlights of 2017 so far. We made a bold decision; Velsen Valley and OnBrand’17 are by far the most challenging projects we got to produce this year. Not only because it was the first time doing them, but mainly because we had a lot of creative freedom in both events.

Velsen Valley was a Monster Project

Three mega productions in one; Dance Valley, Dutch Valley and Latin Village. Three totally different styles showcased in one production. That’s by all means a very big challenge. Technically, logistically and creatively. We are very proud of the mainstage, it was the first time that we designed, created and produced a stage of this caliber for three different events. In one word: teamwork.

Onbrand’17 was Beyond Together with our client, Bynder, we created a story and a world where the audience felt they were experiencing something new on all levels. The challenge here was to turn Sugar City, a mind-blowing venue near Amsterdam, into an authentic Onbrand world. Our expertise in boutique festivals and experience driven events was on point here. It gives us a unique vision and out-of-the-ordinary style.Up Next Soon more info on how we created the Velsen Valley stage.