A Good Guy at work during the production of Dance Valley 2019

Project Management.

The production of an event can be a complicated process. You could even feel overwhelmed when dealing with all the different positions and stakeholders demanding your attention at all times. We can help you gain focus by not only taking care of the production but with helping you manage all overlaying aspects leading up to the event. We are very well experienced in controlling complex budgets and managing detailed planning and scripts.

Technical Production

This is the part where push comes to shove and plans become reality. We have all the knowhow to design and build rigging, light, video, audio and electrical layouts and implement them at any given location or venue. Our team supply’s detailed 3D drawings, static reports and calculations of the designs to ensure a smooth operation during the production on-site. Nothing is left to chance.

Construction of the 2019 Dance Valley main stage

Site Production

We are well experienced in 2D mapping of event grounds for the placing of visitor facilities, routing and logistics. All done from a crowd management perspective to secure safety at all times. Your event is built efficiently and on time by our notoriously skillful crew.

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Production of the Dance Valley 2018 main stage area