Styling detail at the 2019 Onbrand conference


The devil is in the details and it’s got class.

Your guests will remember how the bar was just high enough, the chair exactly soft enough and the colors on the wall together the perfect brightness to create an amazing Instagrammable picture. Styling is the difference between people just being at an event or people sharing the event experience with their friends. Styling creates engagement with the online world.

Design and Styling for the 2018 Montblanc Black&White Week

We can implement styling as part of a complete event production, or you can just book us solely for our styling expertise.We use the same approach as we do with design. We start with the story, visualize the concept and work our way to a final image of your vision. Always with a focus on the best experience for your audience.

Design and styling detail at the 2019 Montblanc Black&White Week