Who we are

The Good Guyz is not just a name, it’s what we are.

Not only in the work we deliver but also in the way we treat one and other. We are a bond of brothers, a fellowship of hard workers. We work, play, laugh and party together. This makes The Good Guyz special, a well-oiled machine from creation all the way up to production. It’s a teamplayers game and we know how to play it very well.

Starting out in 2003 as a small business that logistically organised artist handling for big and small productions. We have grown out to be experts in creative event production and leading in our market. We produce events that vary from one day party powerhouses to overnight blockbuster fests, all the way right down to kick ass brand launches. We understand the pitfalls that a production can present and know how to react accordingly.

Our expertise is to translate a colourful concept to a technically executable and financially feasible plan, detail and safety are paramount in all categories. Our team of flexible and well-grounded Good Guyz and Girlz can anticipate any situation.


The Showcase 

The Creation

We visualize your ideas. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, it may be a brand activation, a fashion show, or an outdoor festival. We’ll whip up a jaw dropping design. Our creatives hate boundaries and restrictions. Give them enough rope and they will create badass concepts digitally drawn-out as realistic impressions and 3D models. All within a nice and tight budget of course. DROP IN FOR A CUP OR TWO AND LET’S GET YOUR IDEAS OFF THE GROUND.


Let’s get things started!

The Technology

An engine house, shipyard, city park or retail store we have done it all. We transform a concept into a unique and executable technical plan. We are producers in the broadest sense. Together with our partners we have the technical knowhow to build rigging, light, audio and electra layouts and implement them at any given location.

A New Year’s Eve party at an ice skate venue that is still open for skaters but has to be set up within a day? Yup, we did it. Two festivals on one location in the same weekend , yes did it. If you’re thinking about doing an event in a location that is pretty outrageous?

Call us first, we’ll hook you up.

The Grounds

We map all the event grounds for the logistics and routing as for the placing of visitor facilities like sanitary, lockers and cash register’s. All in clear consultation with the client off course. We fuse this into a ground plan and budget. Your event is built efficiently and on time by our notoriously skillful crew.

To be able to work in this way, The Good Guyz are flexible and hands on. We select and work with Good Guyz and Girlz that fit exactly that profile. That’s what makes The Good Guyz good. Our team spirit is pretty awesome, we love what we do and we trust in the good.

The Guests

Safety is fundamental. To offer safety we specialize in crowd management. Key elements of crowd management are a detailed safety plan, mobility plan and health plan. Because we have years of hands on experience and knowledge of current laws and regulations, these plans don’t present any unforeseen challenges.

Our clients promise their guests a safe and easy accessible event. We secure this promise with well drawn-out plans. The Good Guyz have produced events from 500 to 35.000 guests on one single day. Also, the plans make the permit application so much easier, trust us on this one.

The Talents

The Good Guyz look after talent like a lioness looks after her cubs. We deliver stage managers who are calm as a coma, runners quick as a rabbits tale and drivers that are lean and pretty road rage mean. Want to make sure your talents are happy? Leave it to us! We take care of any requests.

One inflatable boat, confetti blowers and CO2 shots. Just an example of random artist rider content we might come across. Because the number of artists playing at a venue is growing fast, the logistic handling can be a pretty big project. We will put our teeth into that one for you. By sorting out all preliminary tasks like booking hotels, setting up flights and ground transportation schedules.

The Cash

The Good Guyz offer a team of professionals and above all trustworthy employees. These guys and mostly gals are ridiculously precise. This team is all about the money. From coins to tokens and back to coins again. Hire them as a total package within a full production or we offer a freestanding service for preliminary planning, administration and a network of high tech cash registers.

Moneycomb offers financial services for events using new technologies like cashless payments and automated scanning machines. Read all about it at Moneycomb.nl


The Guyz

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Michael van Elswijk

Lotus Beutick

Arjen Ott

Louk van Looveren

Anne Slump
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