Instead of setting resolutions, because let’s be serious, are you still owning your resolutions? No? We didn’t think so. Instead you can give gratitude to the past year. Let’s look back on what we are grateful for. The Good Guyz as a team reflect on 2018, because It’s energising to celebrate your wins too.  But more importantly, we also like to show off all the cool events we did. Enjoy!

Producer Arjen Ott – Broederliefde

‘I was able to do show direction in Ahoy Rotterdam. We worked very closely together with the whole Broederliefde band and team. The concert was amazing. Light, sound, sfx, special show elements, all the artists and a little magic came together and made the whole experience, legendary. I’m so proud of this moment together with my colleagues. It was a true team effort. And an awesome experience to direct this show.’

Producer Louk van Looveren – AOA

‘A definite growth in my career. Coming from doing smaller events in 2017. 2018 was my first blockbuster production. I did it together with Arjen. And I’m truly proud. It was a beautiful two day festival. The Good Guyz work with the best suppliers and needless to say, the best site-crew. The teamwork was amazing and made this event a success.’

Project coordinator Anne Slump – Milkshake Festival

‘The festival season is full of highlights. But my personal favorite is the always colorful Milkshake festival. We are only able to do these kind of events because we surround ourselves and invest in truly dedicated people, our crew. These people seriously bite the dust during the festival season. So, my highlight of 2018 is definitely the collaboration with my-best-intern-for-life Robin Swagers, production tigers Ferdi Havenaar & Lorenzo van Rheenen and our siteco’s & sitecrew’s who work their asses off. Forever grateful.’

Producer Lotus Beutick – Dance Valley 2018

‘Storm, wind blasts going 110km per hour and buckets full of rain. Any producers worst nightmare. It happened to me and my team the day before Dance Valley 2018. The struggle was real. After a 48-hour shift and max 2 hours of sleep, we opened the festival doors. An amazing moment I’m seriously proud of. Together with all the crew who worked themselves in a sweat, we sat on top of the hill at the Dance Valley mainstage and drank a well-deserved beer.’

Producer Bas Overhage – Dance Valley, Dutch Valley & Latin Village

‘Why also this event? Simply because it’s the largest, biggest production we have. It’s so special to produce this together with a cool team. It’s a marathon. We have had so many challenges during all the months of production, also because of the complex terrain. Long story short: very cool production.