How a tech company successfully implements these 5 festival experiences

Tech companies are the fresh new kids on the block and are taking the festival experience to a whole new level. Tech company Bynder has Onbrand as Europe’s leading-edge marketing, branding and technology event. Vera Rietveld from Bynder explains together with The Good Guys director Guido van den Berk what makes tech event Onbrand tick, successfully.

But first. What is Bynder? ‘Bynder is a DAM. A Digital Asset Management solution. Let’s say you’re an international retailer selling furniture. For example, a furniture shop is one of our clients. Bynder is the solution to get all the online content up to speed with what’s in storage,’ Vera explains.

So why is Bynder hosting a tech event? ‘Local meetup Onbrand started in 2015, with 100 attendees, now we are hosting for 1800 people. We want to inspire, but foremost we want to create a significant brand experience for Bynder. Onbrand positions Bynder as the branding expert with high end speakers and a spectacular festival experience. Onbrand has also become our community. It’s a place where we can touch base with the people working with our technology, new and seasoned clients.’

What makes Onbrand leading-edge in Europe? ‘There are a few key components to a corporate event that can make it stand out. Onbrand is leading because they use all of them. The Good Guyz are specialised in boutique festivals and use this knowledge for tech and corporate clients that aren’t hesitant to get out of the industries comfort zone. Bynder is such a client,’ Guido says.

So tell us, what is a boutique festival? ‘Dutch festivals have been creative pioneers since the beginning. Within this arena there is a lot of leverage to go all out and create the most outrageous experiences. Corporate events are catching up quickly. A boutique festival has a smaller, cosy ambience relative to big blockbuster festivals. Boutique has secret corners, foodstyling, comfy sitting area’s and beautifully detailed decorations. Have a look on our website’s showcase and you’ll find a few,’ Guido says.

What is key to create a boutique corporate event? ‘The 5 most important components to implement in your event to give it a boutique festival vibe are; 1. Look for an interesting location, 2. Create an opening show specifically for your target audience to set the tone of the event 3. Make decor that amplifies the themed experience you want to offer, 4. The devil is in the details, don’t forget the styling, 5. Let go of rules and do what works for the experience,’ Guido explains.

Onbrand – 10th of October – Sugar City Halfweg:



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